How to Ensure the Safe Removal of Piano While Moving Home

Pianos are big, heavy, and delicate! If you are planning safe removal of the piano while moving home, then there are some essential tips you need to know right now.  Moving a piano requires serious preparation and workforce. 

In this article, you will get the essential tips to ensure the safe removal of your invaluable piano. A typical piano can weigh somewhere around 150-400 kilograms or more so there’s no room even for the tiniest of mistakes.

Hire a Specialist 

Hiring specialist piano movers for the job will surely reward you with the assurance that your piano will reach the new home safe and sound. A piano can have umpteen moving parts, and the only specialist knows what components need to be disassembled for moving safely. 

There are some other benefits of hiring removalists penrith, that includes safety for your property while curtailing the chances of injuries.

Draft A Moving Plan

Drafting a moving plan will help you with a clear picture of the complete moving process from the starting point to the final destination. While making a plan, measure the dimensions of the areas like the doorways from which you will move the piano. 

If you can make a plan with your selected movers, then it will make it even foolproof. Also, you can eliminate the obstacles like small doorways that can damage the piano.

Lastly, drafting a plan will make everyone aware of their responsibilities, so there will be no hotchpotch at the final moment.

 Arrange the Best packing Materials

You need to collect the best packing materials in order to fortify your piano from all possible damages. The list of packing materials includes:

  • Quilted pads
  • Piano dollies
  • Furniture straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap

With these packing essentials, you can protect your precious piano against bumps, dents, and scratches. Check with your removalist whether they will offer these packing items or not so that you can arrange them at your end. 

Prep the Piano

Invest some time in preparing the piano for the final move. Preparing a piano includes closing the lid to fortify the keys during transportation. If your piano has a lid lock, then it would offer better protection.  Also, flush the music stand against the side or lay it down if possible.

Use heavy-duty removalist blankets to cover the entire piano while securing it with best quality straps. If you own a grand or baby grand piano, then disassemble the required parts for easy moving.

Note: The wheels of a piano are not capable of transporting it between properties. Use a piano dolly if you want it to move it for a considerable distance to protect the wheels from getting damaged.


With these easy tips, you can ensure the safe removal of piano while moving home. Remember, pianos cost a fortune, and if you own an old piano, then you have to be extra cautious while moving it. Selecting the ideal removalist holds paramount importance, and it will make the move much more effortless.

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