Can A Person Do Gym And Yoga Together In Their Health Regime?

Many who exercise love the idea of going to the gym in their community, and yet they also love the idea of practising the ancient art of yoga. So, they naturally wonder if they can do gym and yoga together in their health regime?

If you’re like many, you might assume that you can not, because there is this conception that if you want to get genuinely fit and stay that way, then you need to pick one specific activity and dedicate yourself to it nearly every day that you are able. For some, that might be a cardio activity like jogging or running. For others, it is hiking or swimming, and for some, it is bodybuilding and lifting weights.

Many of those activities are things you can do at the gym, which is particularly useful in urban areas, when the weather is not cooperative, or when it is dark outside. Gyms have machines, classes, safety, and indoor environments.

Yoga, on the other hand, is more of a form of stretching. Some classes go at brisk paces that almost substitute for cardio, especially if it is a heated class designed to engender sweating among the participants. There is, of course, a spiritual dimension to the practice for those that choose to follow that route, but the physical exercises themselves mostly revolve around stretching in particular poses to open the body up, help the practitioner relax and rejuvenate, and enjoy broader ranges of motion.

The simple truth is that not only can yoga coexist with a gym in your health regime, but the two can also actually pair well together. Proper yoga practice helps an athlete or exercise enthusiast recover from their workouts, be it cardio or bodybuilding, and also prevent injury. Given that some things should only be done two or three days a week, such as resistance training or weight lifting, yoga makes an excellent cross-training option on other days of the week.

Yoga can be done in many places too. Online videos and DVD tutorials make it very simple to practice in the comfort and safety of your own home when you feel up to it. Many cities and even some towns have dedicated studios you can join for classes, and some gyms also offer yoga sessions in their schedule of group classes, which means you might wind up doing your favourite gym exercises and yoga all in the same place.

Regardless of what kind of gym or maybe childrens gym, you like to do in your health regime, there are yoga poses that can help you prepare for your preferred style of exercise as well as recover from your sessions too. The extra length you get from open muscles and range of motion in your joints makes it less likely you’ll injure yourself as well that much faster you’ll recover if you do happen to get hurt along the way. So, not only can gym and yoga both happen in your health regime, it’s quite a fantastic idea to incorporate both of them with regularity

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